today, we leave coronation, alberta for our shared home of seattle.  we are both SO excited to finally begin our life together as a married couple, sharing our first apartment home together [once all the final details fall into place!], but this is an extra-hard goodbye because kraig’s grandparents are also moving out of the home kraig has called his own the last few years.


kraig’s grandparents [whom we call nana and papa] have raised kraig for most of his life, caring for him in the best way possible, and for that, i am so grateful.  they’re incredible people, and have sold their home in this town they’ve called home for years, to buy a luxury motorhome and travel the country, which is pretty darn awesome by my account!


kraig’s family – many sides and facets of it – has deep roots in this small town called coronation.  it’s a really unique town for a midwest american girl like me – everyone knows everyone, there are farms galore, and just a few hometown places to go out to eat at.  he’s had family here for more than a hundred years!  they had to sell their family farm a couple years ago, which tore kraig’s heart out more than i think he could even show.  and now, with kraig’s grandparents leaving too, it’s kinda the final piece that makes us realize things will never be the same.

yesterday, we walked around, taking photos of kraig in a series of sorts, in front of all the places that have meant something to him.  it was kraig’s idea, which i thought was really sweet and sentimental of him.  =]  this place will always hold so much meaning to both of us for the way it has shaped him and the way he has called it home throughout so many seasons of his life.  somehow, he kept moving back to coronation, and for me, it’s the only place i’ve known him to live in alberta since we started dating, so it’s kinda sad for that, too.  we’re so excited for nana and papa to start their adventure, and we’re beyond ready for ours, too.  see ya later, coronation baby.




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