it’s been quite the 24 hours. !  we left coronation, alberta around 7 last night, and arrived in our city of seattle at 10:30 this morning.  kraig proved his tour manager drive-through-the-night-while-sleepy-music-plays skills by driving nearly the entire time, and we had a grand little adventure with phil, mac, and spencer.  we literally couldn’t have made it here without their selfless love and care for us, and we pretty much owe them our firstborn after all of our spring and summer uhaul time.  really hoping they can come back to seattle super soon to have some pure, actual fun in our city and zero uhaul action.  =]


our dear friends lilli and brandon [who are also newlyweds as of this summer!!!] have been welcoming us back into seattle with open arms and such sweet hospitality ’til we hopefully move into a place of our own in a few days.  lilli was one of my roommate the past school year, so it’s basically like we’re all roommates [again?!] and life is great.  banjo is pretty psyched to see his aunt lilli and uncle brandon again too.  =]


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