pinterest faves today

pinterest faves today

sooo we’ve been back in seattle for a week as of today, and things have been pretty crazy with trying to get into or new apartment, job interviews, and kraig’s medical appointment for our visa. i’ve also been on pinterest a LOT this week during this period of waiting and waiting to be in our own place, feeling super inspired by things on pinterest!  i kinda feel like i’m revvin’ my engine before i can take off, if a cheesy metaphor will do ya.  =]

1. animal necklaces – this is actually a DIY for an anthro lookalike!  i love all things animal figurine, so this would be so fun to make!
2. lace dress – lace is always good, and this interesting hemline and the pop of green is so perfectly modern and easy.

3. this room! – we saw lookalikes to these red lockers at ikea the other day.  i love the red + green contrast, the cacti, and the wood floors!

4. sprinkle cake – my birthday is MONDAY, and i kinda think this cake would be a great addition with a little 5 added after the 2. !

5. cat – just makes me laughhh.

6. paper art – this amazing art was at art prize, held in grand rapids mi every year – and displayed at the grand rapids art museum while we were there for my bachelorette party!  the talent that goes into this blows my mind.

7. music – i saw this and thought about embroidering sheet music that has a meaning to us.  how interesting would that be?!

8. quote – yeah, trying to remember this while we get settled in, little by little.

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