a few days ago, i turned 25.  25 sounds pretty solid to me – like you can’t get away with some of the things you did in your early twenties, like you’re really, truly an adult.  [as if turning 18, 21, or getting married wasn’t adult enough. !]  i’m not against this by any means, though i don’t really enjoy this month until kraig’s birthday in which i am three years older than him… =]  i’m glad to be 25.  and being 25 sounds like it brings more responsibility, and i want to make goals that i can tangibly accomplish.  i know these kinds of things go around on the internet, but i just figured i’d try it for myself.  it’d be really good to remember to check up on myself as the year progresses and see how i’m doing!  i also think it’d be really good to come up with some goals for mine and kraig’s first year of marriage, but that’s another post for another day. !  without further ado, here’s my

25 before 26:

  1. buy a sewing machine and learn basic sewing techniques
  2. adopt a second kitten and help ease the transition for banjo
  3. bring my canon around a lot more often
  4. keep blogging – even when school starts.  make an effort and push myself, but not to the point that it becomes an additional burden
  5. come up with new goals for / resume counseling
  6. go to a seattle sounders game
  7. try new restaurants more often than go to old stand-bys
  8. be more bold in practicum
  9. learn new braided hairstyles via youtube tutorials
  10. do yoga at least twice a week
  11. learn more about woodworking [a.k.a. don’t just watch kraig, but try to learn for myself!]
  12. form a budget
  13. save for europe backpacking trip when i graduate!
  14. come up with a tradition to make note of guests that visit us in seattle
  15. explore oregon
  16. learn how to make ice cream
  17. get to know five classmate peers better
  18. grow avocados
  19. meal plan / learn new ways to cook!
  20. reach out in the internet community / make blogger friends
  21. formulate plans to make food truck & house flipping dreams happen
  22. go to more shows / learn more about the seattle music scene
  23. go to mount rainier
  24. sell kraig’s car / buy vespa
  25. mail surprise gifts

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