the both of us, we like adventures, seeking to be like Jesus, and the color red.  we love building things, taking something in the world and making it different, and starting things from scratch, too.  we like to write love on her arms because we believe in hope and people being there for each other, and brighter days, and also because we met there and the people are great.  we both like shows and cities and the country, too.  and catfish the tv show, always.

i like creativity, counseling, and cats.  but really, i do – they just happen to all start with c.
right now, i’m going to school at the seattle school of theology and psychology for my masters of arts in counseling psychology, and dividing other parts of my time between working at anthropologie and nannying.  i love dairy queen blizzards, going to shows [especially needtobreathe – they’re number one in my heart, and i’ve seen them 16 times… i feel like they’re my best friends, even though they aren’t… =) ], and roadtrips. thrifting makes my heart skip a beat,  as does going to zoos, art museums, or petsmart cat adoption kennels.


kraig likes people, and he really likes learning.  he loves music of a wiiiide variety, and is a tour manager / friend of the red threat.  his camp, circle square ranch, is his heart, and he still loves to be a prankster a lot of the time.  reddit is one of his favorite ways to spend his time, and he loves anything by j.r.r. tolkien.  he may or may not still buy legos from time to time,  and is a kid at heart who loves to travel and can’t stay stagnant for too long in any way, always searching for the next adventure.


banjo is our babycat, who was born on october 3rd, 2011.  he’s kinda like a dog in his active, fun personality, and honestly, one of the most personality-filled cats you will ever meet.  he loves to talk and boxes of any size, as well as his pet lizard and hair elastics, which he always places next to his food bowl.

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